Look at this exquisite legal mammoth ivory tusk sculpture that has minute yet extremely detailed carving of a village scene. Notice the tiny men, trees and even a vine entangled in the tree can be seen clearly. It shows expertise of the master carver with solid mammoth ivory, as the clear delineated lines, tiny details are perfectly carved.  Look at the group of men sitting on the top, discussing over a small table. They seem to be intently watching something, with a bush in the background. Look at the delicately carved leaves, the twisted tree in the background and the rocks that are an integral part of the sculpture.

With different types of leaves and trees, the visibility of the details on the tree bark is noticeable. Even though the sculpted men are tiny in size, each detail is clearly visible. You can see the folds of the dress, facial expression of the men, and stairs in the background, giving a perception of the height. The three dimensional sculpture brings to life the traditional village of the Orient.

You can look at the beautiful color hues on the tip of the mammoth ivory tusk. The deep brown color merges into nearly black while the Master Carver has hewn into the solid mammoth ivory to carve. The sculpture has brought into focus the milky white of the legal mammoth ivory. See the way the artist has been able to crave the soft ivory to bring out the beauty of the ivory. The wooden stand adds beauty and compliments the elegance of the mammoth ivory sculpture. Look at the highly polished wooden base and how well it has been crafted.


Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide.

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33 13


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