Tranquil, peaceful, beautiful and utterly unique are all words that describe this mammoth ivory tusk carving. It showcases bears in their splendor. However, tranquil this subject is, this mammoth ivory tusk carving is just as fierce as it is breathtaking.

Master Carvers Depicting Bears In Their Natural Habitat

Using 100% legal mammoth ivory our master carvers are able to carve the most breathtaking pieces. This piece is no exception. Firstly, the carver focuses on keeping the tusk intact and highlighting the purity of the mammoth ivory. Secondly, the master carver creates a serene and enchanting landscape depicting bears in their natural habitat. In fact, he draws attention to the bears daily tasks of eating, strolling, and cuddling. The precision with which these bears are carved from the mammoth ivory tusk is exceptional. However, it’s the specific details like the fur, paws and even the seal that makes this piece stand out. The fact that the carver pays special attention to making this piece very realistic is it’s crowning distinction. This is what makes it a masterpiece.

Pure and Exquisite Mammoth Ivory Tusk

This is your opportunity to own something rare, unique and remarkable. A piece of artwork that is both expressive and simplistic. A piece of artwork that conveys a story from natural, unadulterated material.

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