This is a huge mammoth ivory tusk that has been intricately carved depicting a Chinese village. Notice the fan shaped-leaves on the trees, signifying coniferous trees in the higher reaches of the mountains. See the tiny details on each figure that has been carved on top of the tusk. From divinities to common men and women going about their daily life, each aspect has been carved to detail. The expertise of the master carver is completely visible as each figurine is carved separately. The facial expressions and body movements are different. Notice the man sitting on the back of a stork, where each feather of bird is clearly visible. A myriad of trees dot the background and can be recognized with the different

The large-scale sculpture encompasses the whole tusk, displaying the skill of the Master Carver. The artist has managed to carve through the ivory tusk, giving a 3 D look to the sculpture by etching and carving through multiple layers. A unique and creative work, ivory carving is done by a specialized few artists. See the cave like entrances at the bottom, which have ornate doorways and foliage dotting the entrances. Notice the stone walls as each stone is depicted in a different pattern. See the men rowing a boat close to it with a large pot in his background. While a woman seems to hold a plate, as the tiny waves curl beneath the boat.

Look at the jagged end. Don’t miss seeing the tiny pagodas that are crafted in three dimensional. See the tiny roofs and the small houses. Even the depicted cliffs are so naturally crafted that it seems to look real. The huge tusk is genuine and has tiny cracks on the ends. The artist has authenticated the genuine mammoth ivory tusk with a unique signature. It is set upon a large wooden stand that has been handcrafted for this specific sculpted tusk.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Size of  Legal Mammoth Ivory tusk:

80*12*7 Cm 


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