The Master Carver has actually sculpted the MAMMOTH TUSK on both the sides – Landscape. You can see the outer brown shell of the tusk and the detailed carving of the houses, trees, rivers, bridges and people going about their daily life, working and playing. It looks like a miniature village, with shady trees, pagodas and cobbled streets. You really need to see the clear finely detailed leaves on the trees while the silhouette of the men and women, people traveling in the boat are all detailed. Just look at the magnitude of the small carving done on this piece of the art. Have you seen anything so marvelous? The Master sculptor has created a wonder in ivory, an immortal story. To add to its beauty, it comes with a carved wooden stand. You can place it with ease as the wooden stand is sturdy and complements the ivory art piece. *Signed by the artist.
Measurements :
Height: 8, Width:4 , Length: 33 INCH