With this exquisitely carved mammoth ivory tusk, an artist gives you a glimpse into a log. This design is vivid, rich in detail and breathtaking, it’s a truly artistic carving.

Texture, Depth and Perception Make This Mammoth Ivory Tusk Realistic

Art that is truly realistic isn’t that easy to find any more. Why? Because many artists shy away from the detail and precision of creating art that accurately depicts its real life counterpart. However, our master carvers never shy away from these endeavors, as they’re able to show their skill and prowess.

Nowhere is this more on display that in this mammoth ivory tusk of frogs in a log. The master carver takes great pains to add depth, texture and detail to this mammoth ivory carving to make it feel as realistic as possible. Making it easy to see and understand what he is depicting.

In addition to his use of texture, depth and detail, our master carver also uses the perfect balance of color to add realism to the carving. In fact, it is the color on the log that really ties together this mammoth ivory tusk and makes it realistic. The texture of the brown stain as well as the cracks that have been carved out, make the log appear as though it’s an ordinary weather beaten log and not a carving.

It’s artwork like this mammoth ivory tusk that will withstand the test of time. Therefore it is certainly a worthwhile investment.

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