This beautiful piece of mammoth ivory tusk has been expertly carved by master craver and depicts 8 horses running over verdant foliage.
Look at the exquisite tiny leaves carved below the horses’ feet, the delicate nostrils and eyes of the horses while the sheer muscles stand out on the body of the horses.
See the detailed leaves and trees that crate a background of thick forest behind the horses.
Notice how each leaf, tree trunk and vines are delicately sculpted such that they stand out from the ivory base.

In Chinese Feng Shui, the horse denotes loyalty, perseverance, strength, success and speed, considered to be lucky. And the artist has managed to coax solid mammoth ivory tusk to depict these beautiful horses running away with flying manes in quick gallop.
The Mammoth  ivory has been carved through the different layers of the tusk, giving the horses a 3 dimensional look.
See the ends and back of the tusk.
It has been left as it is, with the brown discoloration that happened due to the tusk lying buried in deep mineral rich permafrost in the arctic regions.


This amazingly exquisite sculpture has a solid teakwood stand that is hand carved to add elegance to the complete ivory sculpture.

 Height Including Woodstand: 21 Cm/ 8.27 In

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Measurements :
Height: 10, Width:51 , Length: 4.5 Cm