Look at this beautiful sculpture of dragons with pearl, crafted from pure and legal mammoth ivory. The tip of the tusk has been carved in intricate detail. Each aspect of the mammoth ivory tusk has been showcased in detail. Look at the detailed carving on the face of the dragons, notice the expression, the protruding eyes, the whiskers and hanging tongue. See how the mane of the dragons seem to be flowing with the wind. There are a number of dragons that can be seen winding and twisting through the sculpture. Notice the fine detailing with even the teeth of the dragon clearly visible on each carved face.

Family of dragons

Interspersed with geometrical roses on the side, with hues of brown in the milky white ivory. That is because the fragile mammoth ivory absorbed the soil minerals as it lay buried within the permafrost. Notice the intertwined bodies of the dragons, with each scale clearly visible. See the tiny scales carved to perfection. The tusk looks hollow due to the fragile organic ivory that may have crumbled for some parts. The Master Carver has managed to sculpt the complete design as one flowing aspect, with the intricately sculpted claws, mustache, horns and the ferocious look it in its eyes. The main dragon on the top around which the small dragons are twisted, holds a huge pearl. See the precision with how the pearl has been carved and the tiny dragons on the side eyes it benevolently. The whole sculpture is a perfect amalgamation of the dragon family.

Hand sculpted dragons with pearl

The eyes of all dragons has been hand painted by the mammoth ivory Master Carver. The tapering sculpture of dragon with pearl is set upon a beautifully carved wooden stand. See the beautiful pattern on the carved wood that complements the dragons with pearl sculpture.

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