Look at this elegantly carved piece of mammoth ivory tusk that showcases a large elephant with two children. Notice the skill and expertise of the master carver as he has captured the movements of the waves so well. Notice the rough skin of the elephant that has been carved so life-like. The quality of the workmanship is amazing. Each fold of the skin looks natural. Both the girl on one side and the boy on the other side are riding the waves along with the elephant. Look at the large hair buns of the little girl, the rotund face and the robes that the children are wearing and have a cherubic appearance. An extra-large sea shell can be seen on the left side. It has been carved painstakingly, using the experience of working with delicate antique ivory by the Master Carver.

Look how delicately and versatile the mammoth ivory has been manipulated by the artist to create a plethora of waves and shells. See the tapering curves on the large shell while the spray of water over the girl has been expertly etched. Notice the tiny waves, water sprays and even aquatic plants have been expertly carved. Bringing together the different elements of nature, the artist has been able to carve a cohesive natural scene. See the small beady eyes of the elephant, the folds of the skin around the tusks, and the floppy ears are carved to perfection. The amalgamation of the land animals and the beauty of the sea are exemplified in the sculpture. Even the back of the sculpture is carved in detail, with the waves being seen at the back also. Set upon the wooden stand, the mammoth ivory sculpture gets the added beauty and strength.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide.




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Size of  Legal Mammoth Ivory tusk:


Centimeters Inches
Height  7
Width 2.5
Length 30


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