This large piece of mammoth ivory tusk has been carved with much attention to detail and it can be seen that the solid ivory has been chiseled in layers to get the level of perfection that the artist has achieved.
Look at the delicate winds of the cranes in different activities and positions. See how delicately and exquisite the total profile of each crane has been carved. See the wing span, with each feather on the wings clearly defined.
Notice the background foliage that the cranes are pecking at while the feathers on the cranes body is apparently crafted in miniscule details and yet clearly visible with ease. The back of the tusk has been left in the natural state and the dark exterior is due to the tusk lying buried in mineral rich permafrost in the Arctic regions for centuries before it was excavated. However, the inner ivory is milky white.

Notice the trees and other foliage that has been crafted in specific details. While the cranes are all sculpted in different positions, some are sitting while others are about to fly with the wings half-folded.
Look at the ends where the ends of the piece of tusk have been left with the dark exterior and the slight discoloration in the trees is noticeable.
The wooden base is customized for the sculpture.

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Measurements  of the Ivory Tusk:: Height: 2.75 ,Width: 17.3 ,  Length: 1.96 Inch /  7 x 44 x 5 Cm

Measurements  of The Wooden Base: Height: 3.93, Width: 12.2,  Length:  3.93 Inch /  10 x 31x 10 Cm

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Measurements :
Height: 17, Width:44 , Length: 5 Cm