This intrinsically carved large piece of mammoth tusk ivory displays tigers hunting in the wild. The rustic background of the jungle enhances the beauty of the well-carved and sculpted tigers. Carved to its finest, the artist has captured the essence of the hunt with one of the tigers is holding a upside down deer while the next tiger is pouncing on another deer.   There are two tigers with ferocious looks under the large tree in the middle. The last tiger on the left is running after a hare and seems to have caught it in his teeth.

See the rippling muscles and clearly demarcated ribs on the body of the tigers. The intense hunting spree has been captured perfectly in solid ivory. Look at the sign of the Master Carver on the front, hand painted on the rocks.
The artist has managed to use the complete piece of pure mammoth tusk ideally, without leaving any space uncarved. The delicate trees and foliage at the back and in the front tint glass blades are carved effortlessly with each intricate detail clearly visible. The custom designed and hand-sculpted wooden base adds to the beauty of the mammoth tusk ivory sculpture.

Height of the tusk Including Woodstand: 17Cm/6.69In

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Measurements :
Height: 18, Width:46 , Length: 2 Cm