This is a piece of a mammoth ivory tusk that has been carved to perfection. Each tiny detail is exemplified with precision and creativity. The complete procession with the priestess or Goddess has been delineated amazingly by the Master Carver.  Look at the horses or the warriors accompanying the carriage, where the priestess or the Goddess sits in regalia. Though depicted with details, you cannot miss the nuances on the dress, the tiny folds of the robe and curves of the hands.

Each figure on this sculpture exemplifies the skill of the artist. Giving a professional yet translucent look, the Master Carver has managed to bring out the beauty of antique mammoth ivory. Notice the warriors at the back and see the delicate folds of their robe. Carving such intricate details in solid ivory is a skill that few possess. Notice the tiny curls below as if paving the path on clouds as the chariot passes through the other realm. Check the small spokes of the wheel of the harness on the horse, its mane and the action of a horse on a trot. The details are finely presented so much that you feel as if you might hear the horse trotting. See the man on the right, bending in front of the horse, as if in reverence of the priestess in the chariot.

The trees, fans, swords and all accessories are intricately and aptly carved. Notice the sign of the Master Carver on the mammoth ivory sculpture. The brown exterior is the natural process of assimilation of minerals within the organic ivory and has been polished to give it a rustic yet chic look. The carving is set upon a custom carved and designed teakwood base, lending an intrinsic allure to the mammoth ivory sculpture.


Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide.

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Size of  Legal Mammoth Ivory Elephant & Monkey




11 4.33


5 1.96


47 18.5

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