Museum, One of a kind Master Piece- Huge Complete Mammoth ivory tusk

These playful, active horses ready to leap out of the carving. This MAMMOTH IVORY TUSK carving showcases wild horses in great detail. You can see the horse’s teeth and tongue, their expressions and the flying manes. At the background, you can see the trees and the shrubs at the back of the horses. Except for the outer portions, the whole tusk is carved completely. These running horses have black beaded eyes and every detail is paid attention to carving their nostrils, lips, hooves, muscles on the neck and looks as if they are running against strong winds. It is stunning to see such innovative carving on valuable material like Mammoth ivory. You will add a precious object of art to your esteemed collection, by buying such a rare handcrafted artifact. This piece includes carved wooden stand, which augments the beauty of this piece.
*Signed by the artist.

Measurements: 111 Cm / 44 In – from edge to edge, size of carving only 221 cm / 87 In

You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center. 

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Measurements :
Height: 161, Width:221 , Length: 13 cm