This is a Mammoth Ivory Samurai Figurine. This mammoth ivory figurine was handcrafted by expert craftsmen from mammoth ivory, which is legal in many countries. It has been exquisitely carved from genuine mammoth ivory and shows the samurai blowing his horn and holding a stick in the other hand. With lifelike features and fine detailing, you can even see the feathers on the arrows! Behold the expressions on the chiseled delicate face, as the Samurai blows on the horn. It is a beautiful piece to gift or keep on the mantle in your own home. You will cherish this piece and hand it down as an heirloom for generations to cherish. This finely carved figurine comes with an amazing wooden base, handcrafted especially for YOU. *Signed by Artist!!!
Measurements :
Height: 13, Width:4 , Length: 6.5 INCH