This gorgeous mammoth ivory carving is a beautiful display of the natural beautiful of these primitive creatures. Because in this carving our master carver captures these usually barbaric creatures in a sophisticated and tasteful manner. Highlighting the mammoth ivory in all it’s splendor. That’s because he keeps the carving simplistic yet distinctive – making this carving a true masterpiece.

Marvel In The Masterpiece Of This Unspoiled Mammoth Ivory Tusk

Using the unspoiled mammoth ivory tusk the master carver captures the scene of this tribe of monkey’s excellently. Furthermore, he does this without compromising the mammoth ivory. As the carver uses the shape of the tusk to his advantage. By deciding to continue the carving as the tusk naturally curves. And making that curve a focal point in the piece.

However, what’s most noticeable is the fact that master carver uses the natural texture and tone of the mammoth ivory to weave a rich and beautifully sequence. Because, instead of using stains to enrich or enhance the monkeys, he meticulously carves their fur, and other smaller details into the carving. Which gives this carving an authentic finish.

He continues on his absolute work of art by carving the monkey’s faces and more importantly their facial features impeccably. Which he captures perfectly. And is most visible in their distinctive brows and noses. Also, it’s details like these that highlight the elegance of the mammoth ivory tusk.

Craftsmanship like this makes this mammoth ivory carving a true work of art.

Besides being a work of art this carving is also quite valuable due to how rare mammoth ivory is. Making this a must have for any ivory lover.


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