This distinct and unique mammoth ivory carving is an accurate and highly detailed representation of wildlife. In this carving the master carver creates a mesmerizing scene that draws inspiration from both the abstract and the actual. Making this mammoth ivory tusk a must buy.

A Magnificent Mammoth Ivory Carving

When closely observing this mammoth ivory carving it’s clear to see how precise the carver is in capturing every detail and feature.

He focuses intently on the falcon and how the bird is descending on its prey. The first eye-catching feature is the falcons wings. Captured so magnificently in this carving. Because the master carver creates movement in the wings by enhancing the details on the feathers. The second very extraordinary feature of this mammoth ivory carving is the precision of the falcon’s face and claws. And how the carver is

But, what’s most captivating about this mammoth ivory tusk is the simplicity of the design. Instead, of choosing a stain the carver intensifies every detail by keeping the carving in the original stain of the ivory. He further enhances the carving by using the tusk in a vertical direction. And in doing so perfectly preserves the integrity of the tusk. And doesn’t waste any of the precious mammoth ivory but uses every part of the ivory to enhance the carving and the scene.

This tasteful and sophisticated mammoth tusk carving is a true asset. Only becoming more valuable because of the technique and precision which the master carver uses. A must buy for any collector of mammoth ivory.

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