Enjoy the beauty and precision of this mammoth ivory carving. This carving is a magnificent display of the natural beauty of the mammoth ivory and the precision of the master carver.

A Grand Mammoth Ivory Carving of An Owl and It’s Prey

This grand representation of an owl is astounding. As the manner in which the master carver captures the owl and it’s features so intensely is astonishing. Yet, it’s this intensity that allows the purchaser to enjoy the carving. And makes it a pure work of art.

In this masterpiece carving every detail is perfect. From the proportions of the owls body to its talons and ears. And the master carver pays special attention to make the carving lifelike and realistic. As even at the back of the owl he carves the wings in the correct closed position, making them appear as though they’re overlapping.

But it’s the stark contrast between the owl’s calm demeanor and the rats fear that’s exceptional. And it’s something the master carver showcases perfectly in this carving. Because, as you can see the owl has one rat in his grasp, but the other is clearly trying to escape. And by carving realistic terrain the master carver brings the scene as a whole to life. Making the outstanding museum quality work of art.


Another truly alluring feature of this mammoth ivory carving is how the carving captures light and shadow in a carving that’s only one color. Where this is most noticeable is in the feathers. But it’s also on display in the rats. And between the owl’s head and neck.

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