This beautiful Oriental village scene has been delineated in solid and pure organic mammoth ivory. Look at the detailed sculpture, the tiny leaves that have been highlighted with green. The Master Carver has used the water-based colors to hand paint the scales on the fish, leaves and the tree bark. Notice the highlighted hues on the pure ivory and the fine-detailing of the ivory figurines on the sculpture.

Look at the sea waves on the bottom of the sculpture; see the two large fishes as they frolic through the frothy waves. The minute scales, beady eyes and the open mouth have been hand crafted. See the tree bark and the way it has been crafted. Look at the boulders and how the leaves protrude from the cracks. Each detail is clearly demarcated and different leaves have been shows with considerable ease. Notice the number of activities that have been detailed on the piece of mammoth ivory. Look at the people in the wooden boat, deftly carved by the Master Carver, showing the wooden grain that has been hand-painted.   Look at the old man under the tree with a boy with broad leaves covering the lower part of his body or the man on the buffalo. See the intricate details of the miniature figurines on the right side of the ivory sculpture.

While on the left, the men around the table seem to be indulging in an animated conversation. Notice the tiniest motifs on the robes and each pattern differs from the other. Don’t miss the beautiful flowers that can be seen growing below the table. The flora that dots the entire sculpture delineates the rustic scene. Set upon a custom carved wooden stand, it complements the solid ivory sculpture. A large fish has been carved into the wooden waves, extending the theme of the ivory sculpture to the wooden stand.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide.

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Size of  Legal Mammoth Ivory Elephant & Monkey




10 3.93


4 1.57


38 14.96

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