Carved on a small section of a mammoth ivory tusk, the scene exemplifies the traditional living style of Oriental women.  Look at the relaxed ambience and the luxuries of everyday life of women as some of them sit around the table while in the background a couple of them are examining the scrolls. Notice the latticed screens, each separate gap is clearly sculpted, which can be seen with ease. The skill and expertise of the Master Carver can be witnessed with the extra-fine detailing of the figures and the inanimate objects.

See how the smoke has been delineated in solid mammoth ivory. Each curl has been etched with precision and care, such that as it rises upwards has also been done carefully. Beautifully carved flower pots with delicate plants and flowers can be seen on an ornately carved low table. Look at each leaf and the Zen garden styled arrangements. A tiny fence can be seen in front of the smoking wood-fueled stove, lending significance as if the room overlooks a garden. Notice the women at the back, standing in front of the wall, over whom the Chinese lanterns are hung.  See the multiple layers of the papers on the lantern.  See the classic hairstyles on each figurine and the fall of the dresses. Notice the folds, frills and tucks of the robes of the women.

The Master carver has carved into the piece of mammoth tusk giving the sculpture a multi-dimensional look, while the back of the tusk has been polished, leaving the brown hue of raw ivory as it enhances the appeal of the mammoth ivory. The hues are due to the absorption of the soil minerals when it lay buried in the permafrost in the Tundra. To give the ivory sculpture stability and support, it has been set upon a teak wood stand.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide.

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Size of  Legal Mammoth Ivory Elephant & Monkey




15 5.9


7 2.75


35 13.77

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