Even though the theme is traditionally Oriental, this amazingly beautiful carving of a mammoth ivory tusk has a slight Victorian touch. Look at the rose bush with blooming roses at the bottom of the tusk. Though the trees on the top edge of the tusk are typically Oriental, the complete sculpture is extremely detailed and intricate. See the little pagoda on the top and a host of elegantly dressed women with delicate dresses, hand-painted with tiny motifs, frills and flares. Don’t miss seeing the tiny yet cleverly crafted storks close to the pagoda.

Notice the women standing with a large painted scroll in her hand as two women and a man with a long beard look on.  The people on the sculpture have been painstakingly carved; each one has a differently styled dress and hairstyle. You may even notice the hand painted hair strands, giving a natural look, as if frozen in time. Their facial expressions differ and so does the action that each one is depicting. Extremely intricate and detailed sculpture crafted in pure mammoth ivory shows the experience and level of skill of the Master Carver.

Look at the man with a bun of hair on his head holding a thick staff while a boy crouches and leans over with a bunch of flowers in his hand. See the deeply scaled thick trunk in the back with each crack and scaled bark carved to perfection. Just on the edge, it has been signed by the Master Carver, a sign of authenticity that it is genuine and pure mammoth ivory.

Notice the brown exterior of the ivory tusk and the milky white inner layers. That is because the mammoth ivory tusk lay buried within the permafrost and minerals permeated the organic ivory, lending it hues of brown. The carving has a custom designed hand crafted wooden stand to accentuate the beauty of ancient mammoth ivory.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide.

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Size of  Legal Mammoth Ivory Elephant & Monkey




12 4.72


6 2.36


52 20.47

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