One of the masterpieces of mammoth ivory sculpture, this awe-inspiring carving features a goddess, meditating on a large seat of lotus. The large lotus and its thick stem can be seen while giving the illusion of water can be seen in the delicate curls and curves around the lotus seat. There is a small lotus budding below the large lotus seat, and see the tiny leaves carved perfectly.

With a bevy of guards on the left and a group of attendants of the right, don’t miss checking out the small group of boys below. The pace and tranquility on the face of the goddess cannot be missed as she sits cross-legged with one hand on the knee and the scarves draped over the robe. Look at the intrinsically carved seat as she rests her head on it.  Notice the large free falling sleeves and robe of the lady attendants. The lady in waiting or attendants are holding folded fans, while the boys at the back have large leaf shaped fans. The crooked tree with each leaf clearly delineated in ivory seems perfect.  Look at the shades and shape of the leaves. They are in bunches with tiny branches peeping through them, giving a rustic yet natural part of the landscape.

A typical Oriental theme with the samurai-like guard in intricately carved dresses stand in a queue. Look at their robes, weapons, helmets, pants and the frills and folds. Each one is different and detailed.  Carving with such intricate detail in solid ivory can only be done by a Master Carver. The hues of brown shade can be seen in places, interspersing the milky white of the ivory. That is because ancient mammoth ivory tusks lay buried in mineral rich soil. The ivory absorbed the different minerals and that gives shades of brown.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide.

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Size of  Legal Mammoth Ivory Elephant & Monkey




64 25.19


6.5 2.55


77 30.31

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