This is an exquisitely carved mammoth ivory dragon with a multitude of zodiac animals interspersed along the curves of the dragon. The large sized, Oriental carved dragon looks fiery with flames coming out of its mouth in curls. Even the curling flames are life-like and in three dimensional, giving the dragon a dynamic flowing motion, as the different zodiac animals scamper about. Look at the dragon’s open mouth, large teeth and curling whiskers as the eyes seem to pop out. The mane seems to be pulled back as if the winds blew it away.

Look at the scales on the twisting body of the dragon. All of them are the same size and carved in a synchronized fashion. Even though to provide the dragon’s body the right twists and turns, there are joints and curves, but the quality of the sculpture is uniform and delicately worked on. Look at the ox, pig and the rooster close to the large front claw of the dragon.

The tiger is close to the tail while the rat, dog and sheep can be seen intertwined in the curves of the dragon’s body in the middle. Look at the neatly crafted sculpted bodies. Each detail is visible and highlighted with hand-painted brown shades. Notice the tiny nose of the rat or the horns of the sheep.  See the tail of the dragon, the thin flake of mammoth ivory shines with the luster of milky white of genuine ivory.  You can see the shades of brown in patches that shows the beauty of organic and pure mammoth ivory. It is due to staying buried in mineral rich permafrost and soil in the Tundra. The Master Carver has brought the hues of ivory to the best use by highlighting the shades on the dragon’s body.  Don’t miss the huge claws and the custom designed wooden platform to hold the sculpture in place.


Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide.

You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Size of  Legal Mammoth Ivory Elephant & Monkey




64 25.19


6.5 2.55


77 30.31

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