Mammoth Ivory Carvings Of Lions And Rhino

You can purchase this antique carving of Lions And rhino handcrafted sculpture created using with the best Mammoth Ivory.

Take a glance at the fine particularisation by professional craftsmen in mammoth ivory.

Finally look however the creator has deeply crafted and captured the emotions of all the animals. you’ll be able to see the curiosity among the lions as they’re terribly curious and aggressive in nature. currently look however the creator has captured the calm and adjusting nature of Rhino.

Despite being solitary creatures, the rhino will share a dependent relationship with another species. Birds, sit on the rhino and eat ticks, blood sores and even warn the rhinos of danger.


Above all decorate your home or office with these very elegant wanting items of home ornamentation. an ideal gift for all occasions, be it for your family or for your friends, these showpieces where placed, are bound to beautify the environment, gift it amorously to your somebody special and that we assure you the brightest smiles on his face, telling you the way a lot of your gift and your thoughtfulness has been appreciated.

Add distinction to your ornamentation with a real hand-crafted Lions and rhino sculpture in contrast to something you have seen before.

The lion is that the image of protection for the doorway to a building. The lion in single or combine invariably stands outside the exterior door to guard against dangerous luck coming into the house.

Placing rhino in your home or workplace can shield you against all odds.

Rhinoceros is best to guard against any negatives or dangers in life. Once a combination of Lion and Rhino is placed on an elevated plane within the affected sector it will protect you from any danger and will bring luck and prosperity into your life.

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Ivory Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 11 4.33
Width 5 1.96
Length 17 6.69

Base Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 15 5.90
Width 10 3.93
Length 15 5.90