A most majestic carving of a herd of hippos. This mammoth ivory tusk draws attention to the creatures and in doing so highlights the exceptional quality of the mammoth ivory. As well as the precision of the master carver.

Exquisitely Realistic Mammoth Ivory Tusk Carving

In this one of a kind depiction of hippos the master carver captures the scene flawless. Because he ensures every detail is prominent in this mammoth ivory tusk carving. This is evident in how he displays the hippo’s habitat. Paying close attention to create a carving that makes it appear as though the hippos are in a swamp. This lifelike rendition is absolutely astounding, and makes this mammoth ivory tusk highly valuable.

However, he takes it further by creating a herd of hippos that’s integrated and dynamic. He ensures that you can see clearly who the leader of the herd is, and who the offspring are. In addition, he highlights how inactive the hippos are, making their movements in the carving very realistic. This is something very few carvers can perfect. And is another element that makes this mammoth ivory tusk a masterpiece.


Lastly, the master carver perfects the most minute detail. And he does this by carving birds on the backs of the largest hippos. Because it’s commonly known that birds feast on ticks and other parasite on hippos in the wild. Which makes this scene a complete and comprehensive representation of these animals. And a work of art of supreme detail.

Add this distinctive, and unmatched work of art to your collection and purchase this mammoth ivory tusk today.


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