This beautiful mammoth ivory tusk is a one of a kind piece. In this piece the monkeys are carved with exceptional accuracy. From there posture to how they interact, the master carver captures every aspect perfectly, down to the last detail.

Capture The Essence of Wildlife With This Mammoth Ivory Tusk

This delightful mammoth ivory tusk is a perfect representation of monkeys. Especially as the carver chooses to focus on the animals more than anything else. Because of this he is able to elaborate on even the smallest details. Like the interaction between the monkeys, the activities they’re undertaking, as well as their features. He brings further detail to this carving by giving each monkey a distinct personality. That he brings to life by carving their eyes, movements and even size meticulously. This is primarily visible in the largest monkey that’s focusing on eating more than anything else. But, what the master carver also captures perfectly is the natural instinct of the monkeys. Because he creates the carvings as though he were creating a portrait of monkeys. And making this carving as accurate as an expertly shot picture.

Purchase This Very Rare and Exclusive Mammoth Ivory Carving

Because this piece is created using very rare mammoth ivory, it will retain its value and only become more desirable over time. That’s because the supply of mammoth ivory is sparse. As the only sources of mammoth ivory are Alaska and Siberia. Furthermore, because mammoth ivory is 100% legal it’s far more valuable than elephant ivory. In addition, the master carver’s craftsmanship and technique makes this piece absolutely exquisite.


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