This carving is a delicate balance between natural instinct and sophistication. Which is perfectly on display in this mammoth ivory tusk. With this grand tusk the master carver beautifully captures the essence of animals while endearing them to people.

Mammoth Ivory Tusk: Beautifully Executed Artistic Design

The artistic flair and perfect accuracy with which the scene in this mammoth ivory tusk is captured is phenomenal. As you can clearly see the diligent and precise depiction of the monkeys and how they’re enjoying their feast.

Instead of making the scene cluttered, the carver chooses to keep things simple. And he does this by focusing on keeping things simple. As well as keeping the stain of the ivory natural. Highlighting only the fruit. This makes the scene appear homogeneous and makes the monkeys the focus.

Another, brilliant aspect of this carving is how the carver manages to capture of the essence of animal savagery while displaying them in a human manner. Because, instead of making the monkeys wild, he chooses to clearly show that the monkeys are feasting by making them appear organized.

Which you can see by examining the formation. It seems as though each monkey is at a ‘table’ where they’re feasting. This is certainly the piece to purchase! Because it perfectly combines artistic interpretation with rare artistic ability.

Made from 100% legal mammoth ivory this mammoth ivory tusk is only going to become more rare and valuable. Get your one-of-a-kind carving today!

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