The intrinsically carved and delicately sculpted, partial legal mammoth ivory tusk is one of the rare specimens of master carver’s exemplary skill. Look at the clearly demarcated curves and lines. Notice the latticed end, with curling tiny waves meshing with the large leaves. Notice the two dragons peeping from behind the flowers and leaves as they merge into the waves. The froth of the waves is demarcated with ease, as each wave has been carved using the utmost care and creativity. Look at the tiny holes that look like froth. It is exquisite. One of the dragons seems to be pulling in the waves with a large, open mouth. Look at the tiny fangs that have been sculpted with such detail.

Intricate mammoth ivory carving

Don’t miss the fine lines that signify the water being sucked in by the dragon. The tiny scales on the dragon’s body can be seen as it is hidden behind the lush vegetation. The many curves and curls of dragon’s body as it intermingles with the leaves cannot be missed. Notice the large claws and the reptilian skin as the dragon seems to sit on its haunches. The dragon on the left has a webbed claw out as it tries to hold the frothy waves. Each and every detail is miniscule yet clearly demarcated.

The beautiful piece of legal mammoth ivory tusk has brownish hues at the ends. This is assign of originality of the ivory.  It is due to seeping in of organic minerals within pure ivory. The hues give the sculptured legal mammoth ivory tusk a beautiful color and style. At the back, the tusk is hollow in places and the layers of the tusk can be seen.  The legal mammoth ivory tusk carving is mounted on a customized wooden stand. The waves curl on it and looks like an extension of the ivory sculpture.

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This Legal Mammoth Ivory Carving – Fish & Lotus Flowers is including suitable wood stand – For Free

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Measurements of Mammoth Ivory Carving – Dragons :
Height: 5.5 Cm , Width:5Cm , Length:  49 Cm