What an exquisite rendition of wild cats. This mammoth ivory tusk which is carved into the most alluring and eye-catching work of art is a true gem.

See The Tremendous Attention To Detail In This Exquisite Mammoth Ivory Carving

In this mammoth ivory tusk the master carver manages to create an exhaustive scene. Because he pays such close attention to every detail he doesn’t overlook a single detail. Instead he captures each detail perfectly. It’s this intense attention to detail and master craftsmanship that makes this mammoth ivory tusk come alive. Just look at how he creates the main wild cat and centers the entire carving around her. Using her as a focal point, and a point of power and prestige through which the rest of the carving comes alive. He then adds a myriad of finer details that add a tasteful beauty to this piece and emphasize how truly exquisite it is.

He chooses to use the simplicity of his design to show off every stunning feature. And does this by creating additional depth, that make the carving appear as though it’s a three-dimensional piece. In particular, he creates the illusion of crevices where the mice hide. This unique and highly skilled method of carving is something to be marveled at.

And by purchasing this extraordinary mammoth ivory tusk you’ll be able to marvel at this sublime workmanship.

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