This beautiful legal mammoth ivory carving depicts the raw power and strength of two-horned African rhinoceros. Look at the one on the extreme left. The thick and rough skin of the rhino is depicted so well. The skin texture has been delineated into the solid ivory with intricate detailing. Notice the baby rhino nuzzling against the larger rhino. Look at the other large rhino, looking ferociously at the one on the left. With the front legs, each with two toes clearly visible shows the remarkable skill of the master carver. The deft strokes, clear flow of intricate carving and the masterpiece of portraying the rhions in the natural jungle setting is amazing.

Look at the wafer thin grass underneath the animals that is delicately carved with supple lines and are individually separated. Notice the tiny beady eyes, well-crafted horns and the enlarged nostrils. The action of ferocious rhinos in their crash has been aptly depicted in this legal mammoth ivory carving. Look at the back of the sculpture. Not just the front but the back has been exquisitely carved. Look at the feather like leaves, each with clearly demarcated stem and leaves.  Don’t miss the action symbolized by the rhinos in motion. Slight discoloration in legal mammoth ivory, is sign of purity. Notice the delicately carved ears, horn and skin.

The master carver has signed the art piece, authenticating it as pure hand crafted sculpture. The sculpture is supported on a solid wooden base which has been specially carved for this legal mammoth ivory carving. Look at the highly finished texture and smooth flowing lines. A perfect mix of contemporary design with traditional sculpting techniques, gives this beautiful mammoth ivory sculpture a special look.

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8 3.14


6 2.36


44 17.6



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