An accurate depiction of monkeys in the wild. This legal mammoth ivory carving is one of absolute prestige and perfection. This flawless and true to life carving is a worthwhile investment.

Accurate Mammoth Ivory Carving of Monkeys In The Wild

Carvings of animals like this mammoth ivory carving are sublime. But, this one is even more sublime because of the realistic depiction and accurate nature of the carving. The carver manages to carve each monkey uniquely. Paying special attention to their faces and physical appearance to display which one is the dominant one in the group. And which one is submissive. Also, he beautifully carves in their fur and gives it the appearance of real fur. As well as creating a scene that’s common in the wild. This shows his prowess and knowledge of these animals. And it’s carvings like these that maintain their value and worth in the future. Because accuracy is an art in itself.


Another reason this mammoth ivory tusk carving is really worthwhile is the simplicity of the carving. Although the carver goes to great detail to showcase the monkeys individually he doesn’t overload the carving. Instead he leaves the mammoth ivory to shine as well. Making it a lovely, natural pure white that’s highly desirable.

A Work Of Art

Because the carver meticulously carves their features and fur he makes the tribe of monkeys come alive. Without even needing to visit the jungle the carver brings the wild to you with this lovely rendition of a monkey tribe. In the art community this is what they call a work of art!

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