Be transported to a world created by a magnificent and prestigious artist. This mammoth ivory carving has all the makings of a world-renowned and highly coveted piece. It’s a must buy for avid collectors and art aficionados.

An Abstract and Inspiring Mammoth Ivory Carving

This delightful mammoth ivory carving is certainly abstract. And it’s this abstract design that makes it highly appealing and breathtaking. Using rare techniques the master carver is able to capture this abstract scene perfectly. And make it believable! He intertwines his imagination into reality, so it’s unclear where they separate and where they merge. But, by doing this he captures and holds the attention of the viewer. Because they want to decipher the artwork and make sense of it.

It is known that mice and cats despise each other, yet in this carving the prestigious carver chooses to ignore this by creating a scene so abstract it’s profound. He gives the mice intelligence, making them human-like. Able to think, draw, and form a community of artists. This depiction is a magnificent interpretation of an age old premise. But instead of making the mice hate the cats he makes them artists wanting to venerate the cat through their skill. He makes them disregard their natural instincts and instead use their intelligence. It’s this conceptual design that makes this carving very prestigious.

But, not only is the scene that the carver depicts in the carving a gem, the way he captures the scene is breathtaking as well. He uses stains, dimensions and perfects the finest details to bring this carving to life.


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