What a fascinating mammoth ivory carving! This mammoth ivory carving is the ideal addition to your collection! It’s a fantastic carving of an abstract yet, exquisite scene. And the glossy simple finish make it all the more worthwhile.

A Mammoth Ivory Carving of Understated Perfection

The immense dedication and wonderful attention to detail of the master carver is what makes the mammoth ivory carving exceptional. Paying special attention to creating a realistic recreation of both the mice and the pumpkins. Looking at their fur, tails and faces it’s amazing how accurate this carving is. And when you add to that the manner in which the mice are behaving you can see that this master carver is adamant about excellence. He also, places that same level of dedication into carving the pumpkin and adding leaves and vines to make it realistic.

Another, great feature of this carving is how the master carver keeps things simple. Not only does he depict a very basic scene, but he stains the ivory in colors that are realistic. Although the scene is ‘basic’ he manages to capture your attention through the illusion which is clearly on display.


Because this mammoth ivory carving is an illusion. At first glance you see mice that are rummaging through a field. However, when you examine it closely you can clearly see the pumpkins. Which reveals that these mice are very large. What the carver means to express through this abstract depiction is best left to your imagination. But, this is a  carving that will leave you mesmerized all the time!


There’s nothing more to do but buy this amazing piece!!

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