Undeniably one of the most visually enchanting pieces. This legal mammoth ivory carving of a cheetah hunting a deer will captivate your attention immediately and hold your attention forever!

An Exemplary Carving Of Life In The Wild

The buyer of this magnificent piece will get a piece of natural strength, beauty, and precision – a scene that showcases the aptitude of animals. Also, the buyer will behold one of the greatest paradoxical scenes. As this scene displays both grace and power, fear and confidence, danger and provision, success and failure. Because the cheetah as one of the fastest and most feared animals is winning over it’s prey. But what’s most revealing is the fact that the cheetah is providing for its young, even if it’s in a vicious way – it’s following its instincts. For all these reasons this scene and in particular this mammoth ivory carving is breathtaking.

But, what makes this mammoth ivory a masterpiece is the fact that the carver pays such close attention to perfecting the piece that his minor details could be missed.

The Beauty In The Details

The most noticeable and artistic feature would be the master carvers depiction of the animals. Paying special attention to their structure and form. As you can see the hunting instinct of the cheetah, and the terror in the deer. But, not only that he perfects their bone and muscle structure in the hunting position. However, all these reasons are not the only reasons this mammoth ivory carving is a masterpiece. What makes this mammoth ivory carving a masterpiece are the smaller details. The fact that the artist captures 3 form of art.

The first form of art is the the ideal carving, the second is a motion picture. And in the third form of art on display in this carving is a 3D rendering of a picture. By keeping the carving in black and white the carver gives the illusion that this is a black and white picture. The epitome of perfection!





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