Marvel at the great attention to detail in this magnificent mammoth ivory carving. Because of the absolute perfection detailed in this mammoth ivory tusk it is a must buy.

Mesmerizing Dragon Mammoth Ivory Carving

At first glance it’s the amazing design of dragon and how he is embroiled in the scene that makes this carving truly captivating. However, when you look closely you can see it’s the finer details and the very elaborate depiction of these details that turns this mammoth ivory carving into a masterpiece. Just look at how the master carver chooses to carve each scale individually – a sign of true craftsmanship. And how he chooses to carve the flames with the most beautiful curves that make them appear floral and elegant. Yet, his most magnificent feat is his iteration of the dragon. And more precisely how he crafts the dragon in motion, which is both astounding and mesmerizing. Partly because of how uncommon it is to see in a carving. But also because of the technique required to create this look.

You can clearly see by the way the carver carves this dragon how agile, and flexible the creature is. But, it’s the facial features and characteristics that make this carving so distinguished. In particular, how he carves the dragons eyes, making it appear vicious. And the stance the carver makes this creature take to show that his getting ready to destroy.

This is an accurate representation of the mystical creature. Which the master carver captures so precisely in this one-of-a-kind carving.

When you combine all these elements, this simplistic piece turns into a masterpiece.



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