This piece of legal mammoth ivory tusk is ardently carved all over and portrays eight men. Look at the men in different poses under trees. The intricately carved animals and vegetation is vividly delineated in pure and legal mammoth ivory. Don’t miss checking out the latticed trees, signifying the leaves. The rough bark of the trees has been carefully crafted while you certainly cannot miss seeing the folds and curves of each leaf in the sculpture. Though tiny in proportion, each facial expression and robe of the men is visible. Every strand of hair on the beard and folds of the dress has been hand sculpted, showing the artistic skill and experience of the master carver. On the left side the two men’s footwear has been carved, with the right curves and lines. Look at the rippling muscles of the two deer’s on each side of the sculpture.

Look at the back of the sculpture. The ancient legal mammoth ivory is in layers due to the action of drying in the permafrost. However, as it is organic and legal mammoth ivory tusk, the discoloration is due to constant contact with underground minerals. The specks of grey and brown on the back and at the tip of the tusk are clear. The hues add to the beauty of the sculpture, enhancing the milky whiteness and giving a touch of color to the carving. Mammoth ivory is legal and can be identified with the crisscross hatch marks all over the ivory.

This exquisite sculpture comes with a custom made teakwood stand, hand craved by the master carver especially for this mammoth ivory tusk. You can see the beauty in the curls and curves, the intricately carved flow of the vines and leaves.  Additionally, it adds stability and balance to large piece of legal mammoth ivory tusk sculpture.

This Legal Mammoth Ivory Tusk is absolutely legal worldwide.

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This Legal Mammoth Ivory Carving – Fish & Lotus Flowers is including suitable wood stand – For Free

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Measurements of Mammoth Ivory Carving – Eight Faries :
Height: 6 Cm , Width:3Cm , Length:  46 Cm