Look at this superbly carved piece of mammoth ivory tusk that has been carved with a varied assorted parrots and macaws.
See the fine feathers that have been sculpted with a distinct cut as each feather on all of the birds are separate.
The clearly defined lines, delineated curves and sharp beaks are set within a pristine background of trees.
Check the claws of each bird, the curve of the beak and the powerful grasp on the branch.
This shows the highly skilled rendering of details on the part of the master craftsman.
The flow of lines, the carving in solid Mammoth Ivory is no easy task and the artist has been able to bring to life a flock of parrots. Each bird is in a different position yet the bird is completely carved in detail.



The custom crafted teakwood stand was specifically crafted as per the shape of the Mammoth ivory tusk piece and accentuates the rich beauty of the sculpture of parrots.
Look at the details on the stand, the tiny trunk and leaves that are an extension of the original ivory sculpture.


The discoloration in patches is understandable as the tusk lay buried for centuries in the mineral rich permafrost and that was absorbed by the enamel of the tusk, rendering beautiful shades of beige, cream and dark shades of brown. 


You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center. 

Measurements  of the Piece Including Wooden Base:
 Height:8.5 ,Width: 4  Length: 2 Inch / 21.6 x 10.2 x 5.1 cm

Measurements  of Ivory only:
Height: 7.25 , Width:3.5,  Length:0.5 Inch /  18.5 X 9 x 1.5 Cm

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Measurements :
Height: 21.6, Width:10.2 , Length: 5.1 Cm