This beautiful mammoth ivory tusk has been crafted to perfection.
The master artist has carved through the layers of the tusk portraying wild boards in the natural ambience.
Look at the fine details and delicate sculpting on the boars. See the fine hair, beady eyes and tusks are cleverly carved, looking so life-like.
Notice the tiny details on the tree trunk and the leaves while each board has a different expression and have been carved in a variety of positions.
Though there are 5 wild boars, none of them look alike which is a feat in itself. The solid tusk of ivory has been carved in layers and the skill with each the sculpture has been crafted is awe inspiring and precious.
Set on hand crafted teakwood base, the beautiful rich tones of teakwood, exemplifies the beauty of the mammoth ivory tusk sculpture.


The complete tusk has not been carved and the dark edges show that the mammoth ivory tusk is genuine, organic and natural.
The rest of the mammoth ivory tusk has been polished to bring out the natural raw beauty.
Though Mammoth Ivory is cream colored, due to being buried for over 10,000 years under the Arctic permafrost, ivory has absorbed the minerals from the soil and the dark brown natural discoloration is progressive, over the centuries.



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Measurements  of the Piece Including Wooden Base:
 Height:5.5 ,Width: 13  Length: 3.5 Inch / 14 x 33 x 8.9 cm

Measurements  of Ivory only:
Height: 2.25 , Width:13,  Length:1.875 Inch /  5.7 X 33 x 4.8 Cm

Measurements :
Height: 14, Width:33 , Length: 8.9 Cm