This is an amazing piece of tusk of a mammoth ivory that has been carved to perfection and shows a group of pandas in their natural habitat- bamboo groves in the hills.
Look at that perfectly crafted bamboo leaves, gamboling pandas. Notice the skill with which the artist has been able to capture the movement and natural playfulness of pandas in solid ivory.
Though usually the ivory is creamy white in color, due to being buried for eons under the permafrost in Arctic, the organic and genuine tusk has absorbed the minerals from the soil, leading to discoloration and pigmentation.
However, look at the rich luster of solid mammoth ivory tusk and how creatively the artist has conceptualized and sculpted the scene from the wild.



The fluid lines, delicate curves and detailing on the piece of ivory tusk show that the artist worked painstakingly to create a masterpiece.
The detail on the leaves, curve of the trees are worth looking at. The pandas look wonderful with the tiny paws, shades of brown and criss cross pattern that authenticates it is natural ivory.
All mammoth ivory art and sculpture is 100% legal and can be shipped worldwide.


You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center. 
Measurements  of the Piece Including Wooden Base:
 Height:9 ,Width: 4.25  Length: 2 Inch / 22.8 x 10.8 x 5.1 cm

Measurements  of Ivory only:
Height: 8 , Width:3.25,  Length:1 Inch /  11.5 X 9.5 x 4 Cm

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Measurements :
Height: 22.8, Width:10.8 , Length: 5.1 Cm