The mammoth ivory tusk sculpture of frogs on lotus leaves is exceptionally crafted showcasing few frogs sitting on lotus leaves. This is a beautifully carved mammoth ivory tusk that was originally splintered but has been carved carefully. It showcases the skill of the Master Carver and each tiny detail can be seen with ease. Even a small tortoise can be seen amidst the small frogs as they balance on the lotus leaves and stems of the lotus in the pond.

The natural beauty of the frogs on lotus leaves scene is painstakingly carved in detail. Each nuance of the amphibian can be seen with ease. The veins on the lotus leaves are visible with ease. Look at the texture of the frog skin. The rough patches and bumpy skin is visible and requires immense skill and experience of a skilled artist. Look at the beady black eyes that were painted by hand.

Intricately carved frogs on lotus leaves

With a multitude of frogs on lotus leaves, look at the webbed feet and long fingers. Each detail is hand carved with precision, giving a life-like look to the frogs. The curve and delineated lines are accurately studied and etched in pure mammoth ivory. Look at the curve of the complete mammoth ivory tusk. The alluring arch of the tusk looks amazingly elegant and the outline of the frogs and tortoise looks amazingly intricate. Two tortoises are visible, close to small frogs while on the edge are two larger frogs.

On the back are waves, flowing onto the sands. The brown hues of the ivory can be seen with ease and is due to the fact that the ivory lay buried under the permafrost. The intricate carvings of the lotus leaves as it lay folded and the bunch of leaves are clearly visible. The complete sculpture is set upon a custom wooden base that adds charm to the sculpture.

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 Mammoth Ivory Carvings of Frogs on Lotus Leaves Item Size


Centimeters Inches
Height 2 0.78
Width 5 1.96
Length 33 12.99

Base Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 7 2.75
Width 8 3.14
Length 47 18.50

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