An amazing genuine, High quality Huge, Complete uncarved fossilized mammoth Ivory tusk – Uncarved only polished.
The Woolly Mammoth ivory tusk was found in Siberia.
Own A piece of History – Own Woolly Mammoth Ivory Tusk
An amazing an unique hand carved wooded stand was specially customized for this Mammoth ivory tusk.

Measurements: Perimeter of the tusk 31′ In/ 80′ Cm
Edge to edge: 30′ In /78′ Cm,
Thickness: 3′ In /7.62′ Cm,
Height with wood stand: 13′ In /33′ Cm(wood stand only – 6.5′ In/16.5 Cm.

 Want to know all about Mammoth ivory?

Measurements :
Height: 13, Width:31 , Length: 7 In