Mammoth Ivory Tusk of Elephant Herd In Jungle

You can buy this gorgeous carving of elephant herd roaming in the jungle on a hollow wooden plank carefully sculpted with original mammoth ivory.

A family of elephants pauses beneath a mighty banyan grove, taking the time to enjoy the cool shade – and a luscious leafy mid-day meal! Mammoth ivory tusk makes a wonderfully worldly focus piece, adding a touch of the wild to your decor.

Handsome tooled end-caps set with sparkling gems elegantly offset the intricate carvings and graceful shape of this simulated Mammoth tusk.

Intricately hand-carved elephant herd in full gallop are the centerpiece of this gallery sculpt on a wood base.



Elephants have a maternal head. The family can include Associate in Nursing older matriarch, her daughters and their calves. A typical elephant family typically includes half-dozen to twelve individual elephants however will expand to a bigger cluster of twenty.

When traveling Brobdingnagian areas in seek for food, the herd is light-emitting diode by the matriarch. The others follow her footsteps in file. during this formation, they seek for food and water. Calves hold on to the tails of their mothers with their trunks. the opposite females of the herd make sure that the calves are shielded from outside dangers in the slightest degree times by encompassing them the maximum amount as doable.

Even though elephants are the biggest land animals living on the world nowadays and one in all the strongest too, their energy feels invariably kind and wise. The elephant sculpture is incredibly straightforward to use and may provide many alternative edges throughout the house or workplace.

Protection, good luck, wisdom, and fertility are the most principle energies brought by the sculpture of the elephant into any area, be it home or workplace. The elephant’s trunk encompasses a complicated language of its own, and this can be the detail you’d pay most attention once selecting the elephant image as a principle cure.

Elephant pictures and figures portrayal a young elephant with its mother symbolize the bond between and mother and kid. this can be a nurturing sculpture to position in your home’s family space. you may conjointly place this beautiful carving of Elephant Herd within the parents’ or child’s room.

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Ivory Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 16 3.14
Width 6 2.36
Length 12 4.72

Base Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 3 1.18
Width 9 3.54
Length 15 5.90