Look at this amazingly well-preserved, nearly complete mammoth ivory tusk that has been carved with detail. Notice the natural cracks and breaks in the tusk that have been used effectively by the artist to become a part of the design. All of the 12 zodiac animals are sculpted in groups as per their place in the zodiac calendar. Considered to be lucky, the zodiac animals signify and represent prosperity, good luck and health. These include the rat, ox, rabbit, snake, tiger, dragon, pig, sheep, dog, horse, monkey and rooster. Look at the delicate 3 dimensional figures of the zodiac animals in ivory. See the dragon head is crafted in the front over the pig while at the very end is the figure of rat and rabbit.


To check for authentic mammoth ivory, look at the end of the tusk. At one end are the milky white ivory and translucent criss-cross marks which only genuine mammoth ivory has. While on the other end, notice the raw break from the rest of the tusk. The deep shades of blue-grey and brown are due to the tusk enamel absorbing the minerals from the deep permafrost. It is natural discoloration and shades that most mammoth ivory tusks have. All mammoth ivory is legal for worldwide shipping.


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Height including the customized wood stand ONLY!: 6.3′ In,16′ Cm .

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Measurements :
Height: 6, Width:53 , Length: 6 Cm