This simple yet sophisticated mammoth ivory tusk carving is a magnificent piece of art. Carved with such care and attention to detail not only does the master carver highlight the flowers but he captures the essence of the mammoth ivory perfectly.

A Mammoth Ivory Tusk That Delicately Balances Beauty and Simplicity

Looking at this mammoth ivory tusk carving it’s clear to see the brilliance with which the master carver creates this tusk carving. Instead of creating a carving out of the mammoth ivory tusk he uses the tusk as a centerpiece by carving according to its natural features. Because he keeps the tusk intact you can see the beauty and splendor of this historical sensation. However, he truly makes the tusk shine by stripping away the outer layers of the tusk revealing the most pure and beautiful ivory color. This gorgeous rendition is a clean and minimalist take on something so unique and precious. In particular, the carver chooses to make the carving using only the natural curves and shape of the ivory tusk to create this brilliant, yet simple piece. Carving into the tusk a floral scene of flowers in bloom.

Also, instead of creating a landscape piece he truly highlights the tusk’s features by making this a vertical piece. In doing so he optimizes the most intriguing elements so you’re immediately find the piece captivating. Yet, another element ties this wonder together. Instead of creating a lavish carving, the master carver accentuates the tusk further by creating a modern yet timeless design. Something that will be cherished through all the ages. And at this size, it’s impossible to not purchase this mammoth ivory tusk!




Ivory Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 21.6 10.25

Base Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 3.81 1.5
Width 7.62 3
Length 17.8 7

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