See the beautiful Mammoth ivory Carving sculpture that has been crafted with painstaking care and that is depicted in the intricate on the sculpture.
The three mammoths in sitting position have iced water dripping from their fur while all of them are in a sitting position.
See the huge tusks, thick fur which has been clearly delineated in the art piece. The carvings are intricate and just see the fine curves and fluid lines.

Look at the mammoths as they are getting bogged down in the icy waters and melting ice.
See the delicately crafted fur, trunks and huge tusks that are visible on the woolly mammoths.
It looks as if the mammoths are trying to get up from the boggy ice and water in which they have been sitting.

Not only in the front but even the back is carved to a certain extend and the raw exterior with brown discoloration is clearly visible.
The pigmentation is due to the tusk being buried in the mineral rich Tundra permafrost, before being excavated and sourced from Arctic.

See the mounds of snow and ice that is in the background and below the mammoths.
The sculpture is set upon a stand of hand carved teakwood, to complement and be an extension of the sculpture of genuine Mammoth ivory.   

You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Height of the customized wood stand only: 3.54 In,9 Cm .

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Measurements :
Height: 16, Width:31 , Length: 5 Cm