Look at this intrinsically sculpted mammoth ivory tusk that portrays elephants, monkey, rhinoceros, and deer within verdant surroundings. See the cactus behind the rhino and the beautiful flowers. Look at the plants just below the rhinoceros foot and the leaves below the cactus. See how delicately the leaves have been carved that even though each of them is so small, each of the leaves is expertly crafted and individually visible.

 See the skin of the rhino and the wrinkles above the feet. The complete sculpture has been carved into the tusk with layering technique, giving the sculpted animals a 3 dimensional look. Notice the intricately crafted fur on the monkey, horns on the deer and the skin of the elephant. The painstakingly fine carving shows the level of skill of the artist. The ivory tusk is on a hand carved teakwood stand which is custom crafted for this specific sculpture. See the delicate tree tops and leaves that have been carved into the wood, giving the stand a look of extended sculpture.

The master artist has signed and authenticated the completely carved mammoth ivory tusk. The streaks of brown can be seen on the mammoth ivory and is due to the tusk absorbing minerals from the soil as it lay buried for centuries under the Arctic permafrost.  

 You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.


Height of the customized wood stand only: 4.72 In,12 Cm .

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Measurements :
Height: 22, Width:55 , Length: 5 Cm