Beautiful 100% genuine thick Mammoth Ivory tusk carving – Depicted Jungle scene of Elephants , Rhinoceros, tigers , lions & Hippo.
Taje a good look at the  rhinoceros and the elephants captured  by the master carver in action and carved to fine detail. With raw chopped ends and brownish edges, the sculpture gets accentuated in creamy white. Look at the finely carved hide of the rhinoceros while the delicate tusks of the elephants meet their match with the skill of the artist.

Magnificent depiction of the jungle animals and trees in the back ground lends a rustic charm to the sculpture.

Exquisitely carved wooden stand, adds grace to the sculpture complementing it perfectly.

Height with stand:24 Cm/ 9.5 In.
Height of the woodstad only: 14 Cm /5.5 In


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Measurements :
Height: 24, Width:47.5 , Length: 7 Cm