Mammoth ivory jewelry is the perfect combination of elegance and style. However, this Lohan Monk bracelet epitomizes this as it combines this elegance with tradition and spirituality to create a timeless masterpiece.

Mammoth Ivory Jewelry That Combines Spirituality With Fine Art

Share your love of mammoth ivory through this magnificent piece of jewelry that’s extremely symbolic. This piece which is carved so intricately has all 18 Lohan monks on the bracelet. However, instead of making each monk individually, the master carver magnificently carves two monks on one piece. He does this by carving one monk on the front and another on the back.

Because of that, this piece of mammoth ivory jewelry is extremely detailed and exudes sophistication. Even with the size of the bracelet the master carver is still able to capture the unique characteristics of each of the Lohan monks. This highlights his aptitude and ability perfectly. As well, it’s that same precision and intricacy that will delight you as the wearer and others who see this piece of jewelry. But, more than that, purchasing this mammoth ivory bracelet will be the ultimate combination of a love of art and fine jewelry. Making this piece a novelty piece. Because unlike other jewelry items the carver spends time creating and capturing the monks in a highly artistic manner. Giving his own artistic interpretation of their well-known traits. And making this mammoth ivory jewelry even more special.

So, whether you plan on wearing it yourself or gifting it, this is a piece of jewelry you can’t afford not to purchase.


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