Because of the amazing use of the ivory, this fisherman village scene is truly outstanding. In this carving, the master carver strips the ivory bare, making this mammoth ivory masterpiece unique. In fact, by doing this he enables each of the fisherman to be prominent.

A Breathtaking Mammoth Ivory Masterpiece

At first glance, this mammoth ivory masterpiece is breathtaking. Not only is it a true life-size mammoth tusk, that retains its shape, but it’s also highly detailed. It’s clear to see how much time, effort, and skill the master carver uses to create this masterpiece.

Another excellent feature is how the master carver portrays each fisherman. Instead of using a generic look, he gives each fisherman his own look and personality. All adding to the depth of the carving. When you combine this with the mammoth ivory this mammoth ivory masterpiece becomes a true testament to exceptional craftsmanship. In fact, just one glance at this mammoth ivory tusk and you can see it’s value.

Firstly, it’s a flawless carving. Secondly, the master carver makes use of every part of the mammoth ivory tusk, being sure to create a holistic scene from it. Lastly, the purity of the ivory is exceptional. This is the type of mammoth ivory you’ll be examining everyday. Not because it needs maintenance, but because it’s a statement piece. This mammoth ivory masterpiece doesn’t need an introduction, it’s the kind of art that won’t go unnoticed. And always appreciates in value overtime.


Owning this mammoth ivory masterpiece, is the equivalent of owning one of Van Gogh’s original artworks.