Look at this sculpture of the rhinos, carved by the Master Carver on a piece of mammoth ivory tusk. Notice the large rhino that is standing over a cliff while the smaller rhino is sitting under the rocks. See the rough skin texture that has been etched delicately by the artist. See the folds of the thick skin falling over the finely sculpted toes. Each rough textured scaly skin is demarcated and lends a natural look that makes these rhinos seem life-like. Etching around natural cracks that is found on mammoth ivory tusks, the artist has painstakingly managed to make the two rhinos flourish and bring to life the antiquated legal ivory.

Two rhinos carved to perfection

Look at pointed horn, the large nostrils and the ferocious attitude which reflects on the demur of animal. See the multi-layers of skin as they fold over each other. The Master Carver has managed to utilize the skill to observe animals minutely and then etch them into pure mammoth ivory. Look at the sharp and pointed two horns of the large rhino. The posture and positon of this rhino looks as if is trying to hang on to the cliff after reaching the top, if it is viewed from the side.  However, the delicate etchings, beautiful craftsmanship and skill of the Master Carver can be seen with the delicacy the ears of the rhino have been carved.

The small rhino huddling below the rocks looks secure under the larger rhino. The Master Carver has managed to carve a crooked tree with some fruits jutting out of the rock crevice and it lends a natural effect to the mammoth ivory sculpture.  This amazingly carved figurine of two rhinos is a rare art piece and is set within a beautiful wooden stand which is custom carved for this specific sculpture.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Size of Legal Mammoth Ivory Sculpture:


Wooden Stand:


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