Two elephants and monkey sculpted in mammoth ivory showcases a natural yet wild scene in Nature. Notice the painstaking details on the sculpture. See the rough skin of the elephant, and the delicate etchings that are not very deep yet showcase the right amount of roughness that is inherent to the elephant. See how the two elephants and monkey are placed. The monkey is sitting on a bunch of leaves and holding on to the smaller elephant’s trunk while the larger elephant is standing in the swampy mud.

See the folds and ripples in the wet mud, aptly portrayed by the Master Carver. The squishy mud and the fallen leaves have been portrayed perfectly. Look at the expressions on the face of the monkey as it is ensconced within the safe space of the elephant. The larger elephant has huge tusks, while the crinkled and upturned trunk is delicately crafted. Look at the forefront mired in the swampy mud while the back legs are straight.

Mammoth ivory sculpture of two elephants and monkey

Although both the elephants have been carved with considerable detail, the bottom of the tusk has been left natural. See the deep brown bark-like texture and color. That is because the mammoth ivory lay buried within the mineral rich permafrost. It absorbed the minerals and that gave it a deeper color exterior. However, the Master Carver didn’t scrape away the raw exterior but carved into the other side of the mammoth ivory tusk, leaving the beautiful brown exterior for adding elegance to the sculpture.

Over the edge, the inherent crisscross pattern of mammoth ivory can be seen. While the tail of the elephant peeps over the edge, defining the complete sculpture as one piece of carving. The complete sculpture rests on an intricately carved wooden platform. Look at the beauty and detailing on the stand and how it complements the mammoth ivory sculpture of two elephants and monkey.

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 Mammoth Ivory Carvings of Two Elephants And Monkey Item Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 6 7.48
Width 5.5 1.96
Length 8.5 3.93

Base Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 10 5.51
Width 7 1.96
Length 22 3.93

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