Monkey man carved with monkeys in solid and legal mammoth ivory is a spectacularly done by the Master Carver. Look at the lean and thin yet happy man with two monkeys clinging on to him. Don’t miss the precise and perfect depiction of a traditionally dressed Oriental man. Don’t miss the brown colored socks and the pants that are tied with a knot close to the ankle. The straps of the slippers, the clean cut, delineated lines that show the curve of the knee, the fall of the pant in folds, the precise cuts and curves. The Master Carver has managed to craft through the solid ivory, giving the monkey man a unique personality.

Etched details on monkey man

See how the monkey on the front clings on to the knotted scarf as it tries to reach the ball in the monkey man’s hand while the other monkey on the back tries to grasp it as well. Don’t miss the elaborately hand painted minute details on the dress of the monkey man and his pets. Both the monkeys are clinging on to the man and he seems happy and content. His peaceful facial exuberance and love for the monkeys has been aptly captured by the artist. Painstaking details on the dress can be seen with ease. Notice the geometrical patterns, the flowers and very fine intricate hand painted motifs on the dress of the monkeys shows the skill and calibre of the Master Carver. See how he stands, with one foot turning to the right and the other seems to be straighter. Standing on a rock, with one leg bent, he is trying to balance himself such that the monkeys can climb over him with ease.

See the figurine of the monkey man from the back. The artist has hand painted the intricate designs with equal panache. The folds of the dress seem as if it is fabric even though carving such tiny details in solid yet fragile mammoth ivory takes patience and skill.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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